Zahidi Dates

One of the most prestigious dates to export from Iran is Zahedi which is also known as Qasb. This oval date is one of the best-selling dates in Iran and other countries due to its special color and wonderful taste, and its storage conditions is very simple.

Zahedi dates have an oval shape. The end of this date has a narrow and sharp point. This date is consumed semi-dry and can be served even is not so soft and ripe (called khark). It has a yellowish color, which turns to yellowish brown when gets ripe (called Rotab). In general, Zahedi dates should be considered as dried dates and are classified in this range.

Zahedi date is cultivated in different parts of Iran and its palm is one of the palms resistant to different tropical climatic conditions. Palms are also grown in the United States and Iraq. In general, the best type of Zahedi dates exists in Iran, especially in Qirokarzin or Bushehr city

Zahedi dates are often harvested in late September, which sometimes lasts until early autumn. This date as described, is semi-dry and easily falls to the ground near harvest time and is a late ripening date. Khark and dry type of this date is widely used, but it also has wet or semi-dry type.

This date is high in sugar and for this reason it is widely used in the production of edible sugars and vinegar. Its core is almost attached to the flesh of the date.

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